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Strike me Dead

Strike me Dead
Type Book Author Year released 2014 Genres Thriller

About the Author

Bob Goodwin lives in Toowoomba SE Qld, where he works in mental health. Born in Nottingham, England, he arrived in Australia aged 7. Bob writes thriller novels, plays and screenplays. His plays have been performed in public.

Twitter: GoodOneBob

Instagram: goodonebob/?hl=en

Facebook: Writers and Readers Group; or Bob-Goodwin-Author-989354194414457


About the Book

After prolonged abuse; a strike of lightning; and signs from God - a killer has evolved.

...Over the years…

Morgan Finn served as an altar boy under the watchful eye of Father Bates, a stern and demanding priest. It was on a holiday at a rural retreat at Kings Wood where Morgan saw the signs from God and took matters, and the axe, into his own hands. Years later he continues to seek permission from God to take sinners from Damnation to Salvation, while at the same time he educates and shapes his son for an inevitable future.

...To the present day…

Jessica Chang, a 16 year old school leaver, has vanished. Family, friends, police and even a P.I. are struggling to find any trace of her. But there is one person who may hold the key to her disappearance. James Champion needs to convince others that his discovery of a link between missing persons and thunderstorm activity, going back nearly forty years, is genuine. However, his struggle with mental illness sees him move between reality and psychosis. If he can hold his focus and stay out of the psychiatric hospital he may just discover Morgan’s secret and save Jessica.


Strike Me Dead - a story of Meteorology, Madness and Murder!