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Max Justice 3 - Vengeance

Max Justice 3
Type Book Author Year released 2019 Genres Thriller

About the Author

Bob Goodwin lives in Toowoomba SE Qld, where he works in mental health. Born in Nottingham, England, he arrived in Australia aged 7. Bob writes thriller novels, plays and screenplays. His plays have been performed in public.

Twitter: GoodOneBob

Instagram: goodonebob/?hl=en

Facebook: Writers and Readers Group; or Bob-Goodwin-Author-989354194414457


About the book

Max is living alone after his fiancé, Claire, moved out. She will take time to heal after her past horrific experiences. The 3rd man involved in the murder of his son has been spotted. Max and his police detective friend, Laura O’Donnell, are trying to locate him. However, this guy is an elusive, wealthy and calculating individual, and he is about to turn the tables in ways that Max could never have imagined. Max is also hit hard by the discovery that his long-time friend and counsellor may be leading a double life. Could he be involved in drug importation or horse-race fixing? His search for answers gets him involved with the notorious Frank Mortimer, a drug baron who he met when Claire was abducted and traumatised. An intuitive and unusual friend, Ezekiel, seems to be guiding and supporting Max through his ordeals. Will this be enough? Could this be the final battle for Maxwell Judd?