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Max Justice 2 - Turmoil

Max Justice 2
Type Book Author Year released 2017 Genres Thriller

About the Author

Bob Goodwin lives in Toowoomba SE Qld, where he works in mental health. Born in Nottingham, England, he arrived in Australia aged 7. Bob writes thriller novels, plays and screenplays. His plays have been performed in public.

Twitter: GoodOneBob

Instagram: goodonebob/?hl=en

Facebook: Writers and Readers Group; or Bob-Goodwin-Author-989354194414457


About the Book

Maxwell Judd finds himself in Sydney. It has taken some time, but his vigilante work continues as he sets up, what he hopes to be, a new life with his fiancé, Claire. While he sets about tracking down those who murdered his son, Daniel, other pressing matters come to hand. A young woman has been abducted and taken to a house of horrors. And there is a serial assault suspect nick-named “Jaws” who has been biting pieces from people. It appears the deeds of “Jaws” have escalated to sexual assault. The police have approached Max for help. When Max realises he is being tracked and his phone is being traced he blames the police. But there are others who seek their own revenge. Relationships are strained and Max’s mood swings are barely under control. Has he put Claire in danger? Everything is not quite as it seems as Max struggles to maintain the control he desperately needs.