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Ash and Stone and Selected Verse

Type Short fiction Author Year released 2019 Genres Short Stories, Poetry, Micro-Fiction

A Michael Blaire was born in Cowboy Country-Townsville, but also calls Stanthorpe, West End and Ipswich home. He has a very diverse CV-from fruit picking to factories, laboratories to offices. He was a public servant for 30 years, retiring from an executive position.

“I’ve had an interesting life,” he says, “and along the way, I’ve accumulated some useful knowledge. This has given me some life experience to draw on for my writing.”

Blaire’s core genre is Australian historical fiction, and his writing to date covers from the 16th Century to today. The first of his Longtail series of novels--Jimmy Longtail-An Australian Epic, set from 1852 to the late 1880s, has been published, and he’s working on the 2nd book—Longtail 2-Great is the Guilt. This part 2 in the series, covers from 1890 to 1919.

Blaire also writes short stories, poetry and flash fiction. His drabbles (micro-fiction) feature in an anthology of Ipswich authors soon to be published-Sideshow Alley.


About the Book

This collection of a short story, poetry and micro-fiction is a must read.

Ash and Stone - Who is the enigmatic man living in a grotto of granite boulders? And who is the boy who crosses his path? It's astounding how such a chance meeting can change everything.

Come along on this ride to mystery, adventure, triumph and despair in this tale of outback Australia in the 19th century. Watch for the clues... can you pick the ending?