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Newsletter - October 2019

October 1, 2019 Newsletter

From Ed's Desk

We had a fantastic opening day on 21 September 2019.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed a delicious lunch, entertainment, art, books, music, activities, and gave uplifting feedback on our unique operation.

We promote arts and provide related services, helping everyone to benefit from community participation via the arts.

We also sell the works of local authors and artists, have a little café and much more.

Come and check out our specials! – Alex

On the Wing

Cockatoo Gate is branching out into tours. We’ll trial our first tour in the Scenic Rim on Sunday 20 October 2019.

Join us on this pleasure-filled journey through the gastronomical and sensual delights of the western Scenic Rim.

For more information and to book phone 0732811908 or email info [at]

The first 5 people to book and subsequently pay will receive a 15% discount.

Everyone who books & pays will receive a free new book!

Featured Artist

Bob Goodwin lives in Toowoomba SE Qld, where he works in mental health. Born in Nottingham, England, he arrived in Australia aged 7. Bob writes thriller novels, plays and screenplays. His plays have been performed in public. You can view and buy Bob’s works in our Henry Lawson library.

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Bob Goodwin - author

A Poem

The Ghan

(A bush poem.)

Now the cameleer’s a proud man, through and through
Consecrated lore holds firm within his heart
‘Neath his coloured turban, wisdom does accrue
White men never figure on his sort of smart
Tomes lie round him, and his twig to them is skilled
Azure sky and feathered flocks in far off flight
Pieces of a saga he’ll in earnest build
Shading his deep eyes from central desert light

Camels loved as kindred, holding dear each look
Living bound to camel clout with thrift and heed
Bush physician, canny mark to hale or crook
Walking with his mates, through waste without a reed
Dromedary train that winds ‘tween sandy domes
Groans and gripes and grumbles, squad of loud vexed coup
Broad of foot and soft, no rend of desert homes
Spinifex and rocks, more known for wallaroo

Bringing goods of need to isolated folks
Plain and simple people, forging cultures brave
Bush their home and proud they be, these hardy blokes
Money short, possessions few, fine dreams they save
Places where their sons and daughters breathe clean air
Country homesteads, stock afoot, some crops to vend
He’ll provide small hope and joy, with news so rare
Words of kin, the goings on from coastal friend

Mukhtar’s dreams are simple goals, small home and wife
Thoughts of cultured Kabul, family still abide
Journey planned there one day, when his luck is rife
Mountain horns befogged, and poppy fields so wide
Not all sand, his native land, such charm will tug
Breaking from his thoughts afar, Dav’s gait looks odd
‘Twixt his toes a stone removed, a pat to mug
Gait resumed to robust step, his boy is quad

Clouds come up from out the west, some rain to come
Better stop soon, settle, put the billy on
Tarp pegged down and pulled out tight, n’er cold wet bum
Sheltered lee of granite, camels tethered yon
Tea and damper, tacky beef, some dates his fare
Off to sleep, to dream of love in this fair land
Rain does come, tarpaulin sides run silven-hair
Mooky’s snores sooth camel cares, new day, more sand.

Spooky forest

Halloween Party

Good at telling scary stories? Let’s see how good you are.
On 31 October – All Hallows Eve (aka “Halloween”) – from 6pm,
Cockatoo Gate is holding a private party, including a Scariest Story competition.

Come along and scare the proverbial out of everyone.
Only our newsletter recipients are invited.
Get your ghoul on!

RSVP by 25 October to info [at]