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Breakfast 7am to 9.30am Mon to Sat

Bacon & Egg

Bacon, egg, tomato, beans, toast. Add another egg $1


Fruit Salad & Yogurt

Fresh seasonal fruit with Greek-style yogurt


Continental Breakfast

Coffee, cereal, sourdough toast, jam, juice



with seasonal fruit compote, syrup, butter, Add Bacon $2



Soup of the Day

Gold coin donation to our charity
Vn, Veg, GF option


Mixed Platter

(each) For 1 to whatever. cheeses, salamis, sausage, olives, sun dried tomatoes, fruits, crackers, etc. 


Garlic bread

Vn, Veg, GF option


Spring Rolls (4)

Veg option


Kids under 13

(served with fries, popper and ice candy)

Mac and cheese





Chicken nuggets


Aussie Bistro

Bowl of fries w' gravy


Salad Wrap

Ham, Chicken, Salami or Veg



Beef or Chicken Patty on a fresh bun with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Beetroot and sauce. Add cheese $1


Lasagne and salad

Cheesy, beefy lasagne with fresh garden salad. Add chips $2


Pie Floater

A fair dinkum beef or chicken pie in pea and ham or tomato soup. 



Siopao (2)

2 fresh steamed pork buns


Lumpia (4)

4 Spring Rolls


Sabaw sa Baka

Fresh Beef and Vege Soup


Manok Jolly

Marinated crisp fried chicken with rice and gravy


Pancit Bihon

A big steaming plate of thin rice noodles with pork and veges, tossed in our special dressing. Served with fresh citrus cheeks for added zing.



Greek Salad

Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Red Onion, Kalamata Olives and Goat's Cheese in our vinaigrette


Garden Salad

Lettuce, Green Salad Leaves, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Red Onion, Celery, Fresh Basil Leaves drizzled with our special dressing



Finely Shredded Green Cabbage, Red Onion, Capsicum, Carrot, Fresh Oregano all tossed in our special dressing.


Steamed Jasmine Rice


Creamy Mashed Potato

A rustic buttery delight for the taste buds


Fresh veges

Baked Pumpkin, Grilled Zuchhini and Honeyed Baby Carrots


Gravy Boat



Coffee (cup/mug)

Flat White, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Affogato


Tea (cup/pot)

Earl Gray, Billy, Green, Chamomile or Lemon Myrtle/Moringa



Mango (real mango cheeks), Strawberry (real strawberries), Chocolate or Caramel


Juice (glass)

Orange, Apple or Pinneapple


Iced tea (glass)

Peach, Lemon or Green


Bundaberg soft drinks


Coke and Coke no sugar


Other cans


Mineral water



Devonshire tea (per person)

Fresh Scones (fruit or buttermilk), fresh jam, whipped cream.


Pancakes and seasonal fruit

Butter and syrup


Halo Halo

"Mix-Mix". A delicious refreshing concoction of crushed ice, milk, tropical fruits, jelly, sweet beans, ice-cream and other surprise treats.


Leche Flan

A Filipino take on Creme Caramel, served with ice-cream


Shiakoy (2)

The twisted Filipino sister of the donut. Served with a dipping sauce - Chocolate, Strawberry or Caramel. Add Ice-Cream $2


Ice Candy

A delicious fruity summer ice treat for the kids or the kids at heart. Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Ube (purple yam)


Opening Hours

Monday (breakfast only)7am - 9am
Tuesday (breakfast only)7am - 9am
Wednesday (breakfast only)7am - late bookings
Thursday (breakfast, lunch and dinner)7am - late bookings
Friday (breakfast, lunch and dinner)7am - late bookings
Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner)7am - late bookings

Bookings essential.


EFTPOS available

Veg = Vegetarian
Vn = Vegan
GF = Gluten Free